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How did the asian hunters enter north america?
They entered over the land bridge
they entered on foot
Why did the asian hunters enter norht america?
They were following the food that they were hunting, such as the wooly mammoth
they were hungry
Who did the Asian hunters find in the Americas when they arrived?
they found native americans
they were native
what is the study of ancient peoples
you should know this
what wa left behindby the native americans
what do the archeologists beleive the natve americans crossed onto america on?
They believe they crosed over on the strip of land called beringia
What is an ice age?
along period of time when parts of the earth were covered with large ice sheets
what hppened to the sea level during an ice age?
the water level dropped
what was uncovered during an ice age and what did it connect?
the landbridge was uncovered and it connected siberia and alaska
what are nomads?
people who move from place to place, gathered grains and berries and hunted there food
what were the most common hunted beasts bu the nomads?
the sabertoth tiger and the wooly mammoth and the mastadon
What were the earliest form of hunting tools?
Carved peices of stone and bone and chipped rocks that were fastened onto poles to make spears
which parts of the animal did the hunter families use?
large ribs- shelter
As the ice melted, what happened that stoped more asianhunters from entering the americas?
The wtaer lvel rose again and the ladnbridge was submerged.
The mammoths and large animals they were hunting began to dye out
what other sources of food did they come up with and how did they get it?
they hunted smaller game such as deer, birds, and rabits. They also learned to fish using nets and traps. they continued to gather berries and grains.
about 9,000 years ago, what did the people living in present dayMexico discover?
how to make and early form of corncalled maize.
what did the maize provide?
a steady, reliable source of food
this enabled the early americans to settle and become farmers
what do scientists use to find out how old an artifact is?
Carbon dateing
ryhmes with

rarbon rating
what changed the lives of the early poeple and led them to a new culture?
because the poeple did not have to move around, the were able to...
farm, create communitties , common customs and ways of protecting them selves
a movement of a large group of people into a new home land.
highly dveloped communities
the largest advanced early americans were the
olmec, maya, Aztec
the myans were a theocracy. a theocracy is a ...
society ruled by religous leaders
what are hyrogliphics?
symbol and picures used to represent things, ideas and sounds
HWat were the terraces?
broad platforms into steep slopes so that they could build crops.
what was a pueblos?
it was a great stone dwelling,

the spanish explorers called it pueblos.
what was pueblo bonito?
on of the most spectcular anasazi pueblos, in present day New Mexico
what is a dtought and who does it affect the most?
a drought is a long period of time of little rainfal and it affects the farmers the most because all their crops dry up.
who were the adena?
the hunters and gatherers who flourished in the Ohio valley by 800 B.C.
The hopewell peopel poeple followed the adena and built what?
Huge burial mounds in the shape of birds bears and snakes
one of them is the Grest Serpant Mound that is in the shape of a giant snake winding across the ground
Whta were the people who settled in the northern most part of north america in the lands around the artic ocean called
the Inuit.
what is adobe?
sun-dried mud brick that the people of the southwest built thier home from