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What 4 people were in the 1824 election?
1. Andrew Jackson
2. John Quincy Adams
3. William H. Crawford
4. Henry Clay
Who won the 1824 Election?
John Quincy Adams
Who was the Seminole leader?
What native american chief and tribe tried to rebel and lost?
Black Hawk and the Sauks
What tactics did the seminole use against us?
Guerrilla tactics
Who had to walk to Oklahoma?
What was it called?
The Cherokee Nation and the trail of tears
What did the indian removal act do?
It enabled the federal government to pay native americans to move west
Where did they relocate? What was it called?
Present day Oklahoma called Indian Territory
Who won in what supreme court case?
The Cherokee won in Worchester vs. Georgia
What general led troops to remove the cherokee?
General Winfield Scott
Who ignored what supreme court ruling?
Andrew Jackson ignored Worchester vs. Georgia
Why did Andrew Jackson not like the bank?
It favored wealthy easterners and citizens had no control