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15th amendement
an 1869 amendment to the united states constitution that forbids any state to deny African American the right to vote because of race.
rebuilding of the south after the civil war.
men and women who had been slaves.
abraham lincoln
16th president of the united states. he wanted the south to be part of the nation. he ended slavery. and he was assassinated
john wilkes booth
the man who assassinated Abe Lincoln.
elctoral college
group of electors from every state who meet every four years to vote for the president and vice president of the united states.
radical republicans
member of congress during reconstruction who wanted to ensure that freedmen recieved the right to vote.
uncomplimentary nickname for a northerner who went to the south after the civil war.
white southerner who supported the republicans during reconstruction.
Ku Klux Klan(KKK)
SECRET society organized in the south after the civil war to reassert white supremacy by means of violence.
what does "impeach" mean?
to bring charges of serious wrongdoing against a public official.
which president faced impeachment during reconstruction?
Andrew Johnson
what was the importance of Plessy vs. ferguson?
an 1869 court case in which the supreme court ruled that segregation in public facilities was legal as long as the facilities were equal.