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Why did the Native Americans band togethr to form the Iroquois League?
So they could fight their enemies together and to have a complex government to govern their nations.
What is a famous quote from Thomas Paine about the Revolutionary War?
"These are the times that try mens souls."

"The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph."
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson.
Why did Virginia have the highest slave population?
They had rice fields and plantations. They also grew a lot of cash crops, such as tobacco, which required a lot of labor.
Why was the United States arefuge for people from all aroud the world?
People weren't discriminated, we offered freedom of religion, and rights.
What is the triangular trade route? Why is it called this?
A trade route that exchanged goods between the West Indies, the American Colonies, and West Africa. It is called triangular because it is in a triangle.
What was the name of the Puritan colony?
Who were the tribes that lived in longhouses?
The Iroquios - Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, Oneida, and Mohawks.
How did Pennsylvania treat Native Americans?
They paid for the land owned by the Native Americans, and the Pennsylvanians negotiated several treaties with the Natives.
How was Manhattan Island purchased?
The Manhates people first owned it. Then, he Dutch West India Company bought Manhattan for small quantitie of beads and other goods.
Where was Patriot strength strongest? How about the Loyalists?
Patriots - New England

Loyalists - Down in the South.
What did George Washington do right after he resigned from the army?
He went home.
Who was Mali's greatest king?
Mansa Musa.
What is a mestizo?
Part of the Spanish Class system. When someone has people with Spanish and Native American parents.
What is a caravel?
A small, fast ship with a broad bow.
What is the region of large plantations called in the South?
What was the first college in America?
Harvard College.
What are slave codes?
The laws passed in the Southern states that controlled and restricted enslaved people.
Who conquered the Incas?
Francisco Pizarro.
What did Nathan Hale do?
He volunteered to spy on British troops and disguised himself as a Dutch schoolteacher. The British discovered his true identity, and hung him.
What 2 countries originally divided the New World?
Siberia and Alaska.
Where did Henry Hudson start his voyage to the New World?
The Netherlands.

England for the second try.
What were unmarried women allowed to do?
Own and run businesses and property.
What type of crops did New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware grow?
Cash crops.
Where did the French fur traders establsih trading posts?
What country attacked forts along Mobile Bay that tied down British troops?
What were the Sunshine Patriots?
They were Patriots that only fought in good weather. When there was bad weather, they would leave.
What does indolent mean?
Indolent means lazy.
Where was the first public education law passed?
Boston, Massachusetts.
Who oversaw the war from London?
William Pitt.