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Pull Factors
attraction that draws immigrants to another place
Push Factors
a problem that causes people to immigrate to another place
the open area below a ship a steamships's main deck, where most immigrants lived during the Alantic
Ellis Island
the port of entry for most European immigrants arriving in New York between 1892 and 1954
Settlement Houses
a community center that provided a variety of services to the poor, especially to immigrants
Political Bosses
powerful leaders that who ran local politics in many cities, providing jobs, and social services to immigrants in exchange for political support
Chinese Exclusion Act
an 1882 law prohibiting immigrants of Chinese laborers for 10 years and preventing Chinese already in the country to become citizens, the first U.S immigrants restriction based solely on nationality or race.
a journalist who wrote about social, environmental, and political problems Americans faced in the early 1900's
a run-down apartment building
Jacob Riis
a photographer that took the first photos of the tenements.
the facilities or equipment required for an organization or community to function, including, roads, sewage and power systems, and transportation
The Jungle
Upton Sinclair's 1906 novel about unsanitary condition in meatpacking plants
Upton Sinclair
the author of The Jungle