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Crelos were
people of a Spanish background but had been born in New spain.
Californos were
spanish speaking peole of Atla, California who welcome spanish rule.
An economy is
a way people in a state, a region, or a country use their resources to meet their needs.
A society is
a group of peoplewho live in the same place and have many things in common.
a rancho is a
large cattle ranch.
a land grant is
a gift given by the goverment.
Hacendias are
large building or estates that are buit on ranchos.
Diseno is a
design or hand draw map that showed the bounderies of a rancho.
A fiesta is a
large party.
Being self sufficient means
you make alsmost everthing you need off the people living on them.
labor is work given to servents or slaves
Vaqueros are cowhands.
rodeos are cattle roundups that take place once a year.
Tallow is made from the purest of the melted fat used to make hides and tallow.
a plaza is
an open square at the center of a pueblowhich was a gathering place for people.