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What are "natural rights"?
Basic human rights such as life, property, and fredom
What are "unalienable rights?
Rights that cannot be taken away from a person.
What is a "barricade"?
A barrier or obstruction
What is communism?
Ideally, a political system in which most propety is owned by the government and shared by those governed.
What is a scapegoat?
a person or a group blamed for the mistakes or crimes of others
What is genocide?
The planned destruction of a whole group of people because of their race, religion, or nationality
What is the Holocaust?
The mass murder of millions of Jews and other people by the Nazis.
What is an alliance?
An agreement among persons, groups or nations to act together
What is a stalemate?
A situation in which further action is impossible or useless
What is isolationism?
A policy of opposing involvement of one's country in alliances or agreements whtih other nations.
What is suffage?
The right to vote
What is a pacifist?
A person opposed to all wars
What is a gauge?
An instrument for measuring