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What is the Mississippi Territory
Lower part of the old southwest
Who moved in the Mississippi Territory and established cotton plantations
Southern Planters
Who did Andrew Jackson defeat and what was the name of the battle
Creek Indians - Battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814
What was the ordinance of 1785 - name 3 parts
1. Provided that the land be surveyed and divided into 6-mile square townships. 2. one section set aside for school. 3. Land sold at public auction for $1 per acre
What is the Ordinance of 1787 and name its 7 parts.
Organized the Old NOrthwest inthe Northwest Territory -
1-Temporary government-governer & 3 judges 2. 5,000 male settlers-representative established 3. 60,000 pop. become part of the union equal to all states 4. No > 3< 5 states per territory 5. Freedom of religion, speech & trial by jury guaranteed 6. slavery was prohibited 7 public schools encouraged.
In 1788 first permanent American Settlement in ohio was where
Marietta at the junction of the Muskingum and ohio rivers
What was 2nd settlement in Ohio?
City that bears his name in 1796 on the shores of Lake Erie.
Moses Cleaveland
Who did President Washington appoint to take charge of the Campaignagainst the Indians.
"mad Anthony" Wayne, A revolutionary Ware Hero
In 1794 what battle took place in Northwest Ohio
Battle of Fallen Timbers - won decisive victory over Little Turles's warriors
What did 12 tribes sign agreeing to leave parts of Ohio and part of Indiana?
Treaty of Greenville
Indians in the Northwest Territory formed a defensive tribal Confederacy led by whom?
Shawner Chief Tecumseh
in 1811 frontier forces launched an attack against the confederachy's main center defeating the indians. Who led this and what was it called?
William Henry Harrision
Battle of Tippecanoe
War of 1812 Harrison routed Tecumseh's Indian Confederacny along with the British. What was this battle called?
Battle of The Thames
This route was the great natural gateway to the West?
Ohio River Route