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Monroe Doctrine
James Monroe issued the Soviet Union to stay out of the western hemisphere, especially central America
Roosevelt Corollary
extension to Monroe Doctrine
-US could act as an international "police power" in western hemisphere to protect its growing influence in Latin America
Causes of WWI
*nationalism: -devotion to one's nation
-rivalries and competition formed among great powers in Europe
*Imperialism: euro nations competed for colonies in Africa and Asia
*Militarism: euro nations believed that a truly great nation must have a powerful military, glorified and romanticized armies and war prep
*Entangled Alliances
-Triple Alliance
-Triple Entente
The Powder Keg
the Balkans
-years of ethnic conflict heightened by growing nationalistic sentiments
*Spark assassination:
-Austrian archduke, Franz Ferdinand assassinated in Sarajevo
Who were the Big 4 at the Treaty of Versailles?
UK - David Lloyd George
France - Clemenceau
US - Wilson (League of Nations, self-determination, 14 Points)
Italy - Vittorio Orland
Great Purge
campaign of terror directed at eliminating anyone who threatened Stalin's power
-many executed
During what period of time did the Dust Bowl occur?
Great Depression