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is extending the ideas of the American and French revolutions.
is wanting to remain the way things are.
is love for one's country rather than of one's native region.
Napoleonic Code
a system into which all French law were organized by scholars under Napoleon's direction.
means that all former ruling families should be restored to their thrones.
Prince of Austria. (Age of Metternich) He was a reactionary and believed in absolute monarchy.
Balance of Power
This means that no single nation would become too powerful in Europe.
Enclosure Movement
smaller landholding were combined into more efficient and larger holdings. Benefited wealthy landholders but smaller landowners lost their lands.
Crop Rotation
the practice of alternating crops of different kinds to preserve soil fertility. Charles "Turnip" Townshend invented this method.
Jethro Tull
invented the seed drill that makes it possible to plant seeds in straight row. Also made horse-drawn hoe to dig up weeds and break up soil.