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Who was Ferdinand Magellan?
a Portuguese sailor who believed he could find a way to the South Sea by sailing around South American.
When did he set sail?
How many ships did he have?
Where was he going?
South America
Where did he land?
what is now known as Brazil.
How long did it take for him to find the waterway he was looking for?
1 year
What is this dangerous and stormy strait called today?
Strait of Magellan
How long did it take Magellan and his crew to sail through this short passage?
1 month
What did Balboa call this Ocean?
South Sea
What did Magellan name the same ocean Balboa called the South Sea?
Pacific Ocean
What does pacific mean?
Where did Magellan and his crew go after he made it to the Pacific Ocean?
Why did Magellan not see land for a long time?
he missed several islands along the way
How long did his ships travel without seeing land?
3 months
What did they run out of?
fresh supplies
What did the men eat because they were so hungry?
sawdust, rats, and boiled leather
What happened to the men after doing without proper food for so long?
a lot died and others became sick
Where did the ships finally land?
the island of Guam
After Guam where did they go and how long did it take them to get there?
1. the Philippine Islands
2. a week
How did Magellan die?
he became involved in a battle over religion with a native group and was killed.
Where did Magellan's crew go after the Philippine Islands?
the Indies
What did they do in the Indies?
they traded for spices
Where did they go after the Indies?
the southern tip of Africa
Where did the go after the southern tip of Africa?
they headed north to Spain
How long did it take them to make there total journey?
What year did they return
1. 3 years
2. 1522
How many sailors and ships left on the journey?
5 ships and 240 sailors
How many ships and sailors returned home?
1 ship and 18 sailors
What accomplishment had these 18 sailors do?
sail around the world
Who was Vasco Nunez de Balboa?
a Spanish explorer who sailed from the island of Hispaniola to the Isthmus of Panama.
What year de Balboa sail to the Isthmus of Panama?
What was the land like on the Isthmus?
there was thick jungles and high mountains
What did he call the reat ocean he saw once he crossed the isthmus?
South Sea
What was his accomplishment?
he was the first European to reach the Pacific Ocean