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Relating to land; pertain to the advancement of agricultural groups.
Having many highly industries; used in industry.
The act or instance of seceding (states switching sides.)
A settling of differences.
Productive activity.
A substantial rise in the general level of prices (a decrease in the value of money.)
Currency Devaluation
A reduction in the value of currency.
Three-Fifths Compromise
A law that stated that a black slave is 3/5 of a man.
Compromise of 1850
A series of legislative actions to regulate the spread of slavery in the territory.
The Missouri Compromise
An agreement passed in 1920 between pro-slavery and anti-slavery faction in the U.S. congress.
The Kansas-Nebraska Act
Created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska.
Bleeding Kansas
A series of violent events involving between pro- and anti-slavery people trying to influence whether Kansas would enter the U.S. as a free or slave state.
The Fugitive Slave Law
Statues passed by congress in 1793 and 1850 to provide for the return of escaped slaves, even in free states.
An attempt to prevent supplies, troops, information or aid from reaching an opposite force.
The Draft Riots
Violent acts in NYC (and smaller riots in other cities) against drafting for the Civil War.
The Emancipation Proclaimation
Lincoln's proclamation that freed the slaves.
Burning of Atlanta
General William Sherman of the Union passed through with his troops and destroyed everything.
George McClellan
A major general in the Civil War, he organized the army of the Potomac and fought for the Union.
Stephen Douglas
An American poltician who lost against Lincoln and was very responsible for the Compromise of 1850 and reopened the Kansas-Nebraska act. He was very, talented and sometimes called the "Little Giant"
Sojourner Truth
Self-named. Her real name was Isabella Balmfree. Was an abolitionist born into slavery.
Frederick Douglas
Was an abolitionist, editor, orator, statesman, and reforrner. He was black, a slave, and wrote a couple books.
Matthew Brady
a famous photographer in the Civil War.
Harriet Beecher Stowe
an abolitionist and author of several books, most famous being Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Nat Turner
Was a slave and was the most famous instance of black resistance to slavery.
John Brown
Abolitionist who led the Raid at Harper's Ferry, Virginia. on Oct, 16, 1859 for the Union.
William Tecumseh Sherman
Was a major general and was also the general of the Army of the United States and he partook in "Scorched earth" methods.
Ulysses S. Grant
Was a general for the North and later became the 16th president of the U.S. and he accepted the surrender of Robert E. Lee.
Robert E. Lee
General of the South and was for the Union until Virginia seceded. Was in the command of the Army of Northern Virginia.
Was a Southern prison where captives were beaten, malnourished and kept in horrible conditions.
"Stonewall" Jackson
Was a Confederate general (very famous), died in war, and most famous for his campaign of 1862.
Sitting Bull
A Sioux medicine man and a Hankpapa Lakota Chief. Known for his victory at Battle of Little Big Horn.
Crazy Horse
Member of the Ogala Sioux tribe and led people against U.S. in war.
Red Cloud
Was an incredible war leader of the Ogala Lakota Sioux tribe.
Son-in-law of Narbone, when Narbone died in a scuffle while trying to make, Manuelito retaliated and made war.
Was a great chief who tried to make peace with the U.S. government.
Long March of the Navajos
The long walk to Basque Redondo where several tribes (some friends, some enemies) had to live in small, non-fertile areas.
George Armstrong Custer
Was a cavalry commander in Civil War and the Indian Wars and known for his bravery. Killed in the battle of Little Big Horn.
Canyon de Chelly
Place where Navajo resided.
Name three important Plains tribes.
Sioux, Apache, Cheyenne
Name three important tribes of the Southwest.
Navajo, Comanche, Kiawa
Who selected Basque Redondo as the relocation site?
General Carlton
Why did the relocation fail?
Crops couldn't be grown because of the contaminated stream.
To what state had the Cherokee been forcefully relocated?
South Dakota
Why did Texas matter to the Civil War?
It is a large area and it mattered whether or not it came into the U.S. as a slave or free state.
What brought thousands out to California in particular and when was it discovered?
Gold Rush, 1849.
What ethnic group helped so much to build the railroad?
How did the Indians treat each other?
Some tribes fought treaties and some fought.
How did the Indians treat the buffalo?
Kill them for food, clothing and shelter but did not kill more than they needed.
How did the whites treat the Indians?
Often without respect.
What disease was so dangerous to the Indians?
Small pox.
What happened at Sand Creek, and when?
Chivinton massacred the Indians.
When and where was the first shot fired that officially started the Civil War?
Fort Sumpert, April 21, 1861
When and where was the first battle of the Potomac (Union) and the Army of Richmond (Confederate)?
1861 Potomac River
When and where was the battle of Gettysburg?
Pennsylvania, July 5, 1863
Which side was trying, with some success, to get support from England?
The South.
What was the siege of Vicksburg?
The North took control of the Mississippi river.
What was Sherman's March?
Sherman's massacring of Georgia.
Why was 1863 such an important year in the Civil War?
Union began triumphing against the South.
About how many on the Union side lost their lives?
About how many on the Confederate side lost their lives?