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How many people are in the House of Representitives?
How long are their terms?
How old do they have to be to hold office?
2 years
25 years old
How many members are in the Senate?
How long are their terms?
How old must you be?
6 years
30 years old
What are the Presidents three titles?
Cheif Executive
First Citizen
Commander in Cheif
How long is a presidential term?
Up to how many years can you be president?
How old must you be?
Where must you be born?
term: 4 years
years: 10
age: 35
Born: US
What is the least number of electors for one state?
3; 2 for the senate and at least 1 for the house
What are the heads of major departments of the executive branch are called?
Which branch of goverment has the responsibility for interpreting the US Contitution?
Judicial Branch
Which branch of government is responsible for making laws?
Legislative Branch
What can the system of checks and balences do?
The power to limit the powers of different branches.
Congress's power to overturn the veto.