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Korean War
o Began when North Korean troops invaded South Korea
o UN and USA became involved
o Ended in armistice resulting Korea dividing, w/North Korea becoming a Communist dictatorship and an elected republic in the South
John F Kennedy
o Democratic President of US elected in 1960
o Youngest president
o Irish Catholic
o Assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas on Nov. 1963
Lyndon Baines Johnson
o Vice president to JFK
o President after JFK’s assassination, re-elected in 1964
o Committed to civil rights and reduction of poverty
o Deeply involved the US in the Vietnam War
Richard M Nixon
o Republican
o Vice President to Eisenhower
o Strongly anti-communist
o President-elect in 1968, re-elected ‘72
o Presided over end of Vietnam War
o Resigned when facing impeachment for involvement in Watergate
Mao Zedong
o Conquered mainland China
o Leader of Communist troops
Eisenhower Doctrine
o When Middle Eastern nations requested US help from Communist aggressors, the US was free to give it
U-2 Incident
o When American spy plane was shot down in USSR, pilot Francis Gary Powers confessed to being an American spy
o Eisenhower admitted to spying on the USSR
o Central Intelligence Agency
o American international spy agency
Soviet Secret Police
Bay of Pigs
o Invasion of Cuba during the time of dictator Castro
o Supported by America and JFK
o Failed
o Increased Castro’s power and stature
Cuban Missile Crisis
o JFK’s administration learned that USSR had missile bases in Cuba
o Kennedy demanded that Khrushchev remove them
o Khrushchev agreed that he would if the US removed their missiles from Turkey
o Both nations removed their missile bases
o Very close to nuclear War
Nuclear Warheads
o Bombs with nuclear material
Domino Theory
o Cold War-era belief
o Used in Southeast Asia
o “If one country became Communist, its neighbors would soon fall to Communism as well”
Space Race
o Race between US and USSR for satellites and space exploration
Ho Chi Minh
o Communist leader of North Vietnam
o Goal to unite North and South Vietnam as one Communist nation
Viet Cong
o Vietnamese Communists
o Based in South Vietnam
o Fought South Vietnam and US during Vietnam War
Ngo Dinh Diem
o President of South Vietnam 1955-63
o Catholic
o Supported by US until his controversial tactics led his generals to carry out a coup. This coup was supported by the US.
Buddhist Crisis
o 1963
o Buddhist monks set themselves on fire publicly
o Protest against Diem’s “religious suppression”
o Negative publicity for Diem regime
Tonkin Gulf Resolution
o Passed by Congress in 1964
o Authorizing “all necessary measures” to defend US and allies
Pathet Lao
o Laotian Communist Movement
o Active 1950-70
o US military trained Vietnam troops
o To allow these troops to continue fighting after withdrawal of US troops