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This is a picture-symbol that represents
an object, idea, or sound
What do you call a very long mountain range?
What do you call an area that is used for religious ceremonies by the ancient people of the Americas?
Ceremonial center
What is slash-and-burn farming?
clearing of forest lands to gain new farmland
This is the part of the Earth between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn; the climate is the warmest
Tropical zone
What do you call the area north and south of the Tropical zone?
Temperate Zone
What is another name for a temporary ruler?
What is another name for planting crops together?
What is a tumpline?
It is a kind of sling that makes it easier for a person to carry heavy loads
What is a cenote?
a deep natural well
This is a volcanic glass that ancient people often used for tools.
This is another name for the ruling class.
What was the most important Olmec god?
Was the region that the Mayas lived in very crowded or did it have a small population?
Very crowded
Where do archaeologists get their major source of information about the Mayas?
What runs north and south through much of Central America?
What do archaeologists believe that Olmec sstone heads were?
Portraits of Olmec rulers
What are the highest mountains in the Americas?
How did Olmec farmers make best use of the soil they had?
What did the Olmecs use to carve the giant heads?
Basalt Rock
What is important about San Lorenzo?
It is the oldest known Olmec city.
Why do the people of Central America farm near volcanoes?
The soil is fertile there.
What does the Isthmus of Panama connect?
the continents of North and South America
What is important about Tikal?
It was the largest of the ancient Mayan cities.
What were tumplines?
The Olmecs used them to carry goods and workloads.
What are some of the ways that the Mayan culture included the ideas and inventions of the Olmec culture?
* They used the rainforest for food
*They used intercropping to keep their
soil fertile.
*They both worshipped many gods.
*They both built temples,stone monuments
and temples.
What are some important land and water features of North America?

- of Central America?
- South Ameriaca?
NA= forests, plains, woods, grasslands, mountain ranges, rivers
CA= mountains, lowlands, and rainforests
SA= Andes Mountains, Atacama desert, tropical rainforesst, tropical grasslands