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Iroquois League
group of five tribes that joined together for the purpose of peace and cooperation
Great Council
-made decisions for the Iroquois League
-50 male representatives chosen by the older women of the tribes
What did the Iroquois used the land and its resources for?
What were the resources the Iroquois used?
-thick forest
-rivers, lakes and streams
-forest animals (food and clothing)
-longhouses (shared by many families
How did the Iroquois use ceremonies and symbols?
To honor nature and to mark important events. (they would speak to and thank animals that they killed
What region did the Iroquois live?
Eastern Woodlands
What did the Plains people do for a living?
farmers and hunters
How did the buffalo help the Great Plains People
Buffalo were a major source of food and materials
What kind of houses did the Great Plains people live in?
Lodges and tepees
What is a Lodge?
(permanent) large round huts built over a deep hole and covered with earth materials
what is a tepee?
(temporary-used while on the hunt) poles set in a circle covered with buffalo hides- poles were also used to transport things (travois)
How did the horse help the
made hunting easier
How did the Cheyenne measure their wealth?
in horses
Where do many
Cheyenne live today?
in present-day Montana on a reservation
What is the climate like in the Southwest Desert?
mostly hot and arid
What did the farmers (corn), hunters and herders of the Southwest Desert live in?
adobe villages
Who did the Pueblo Indians copy to build their villages?
Where did the Pueblo build their villages?
they built their villages like apartment buildings rising several stories off the ground
Where did the Hopi build their villages?
they built their villages on top of high mesas to help defend against enemies
Does the entire Hopi community attend ceremonial dance to bring rain to the region?
What spiritual beings did the Hopi believe could help bring rain?
How were the Kachinas represented?
by dolls
What is a kiva?
an underground chambers where ceremonies were performed
Do the Hopi today follow ancient customs and live on traditional lands?
yes, but they have also adopted modern ways.
What did the Northwest Coast have which helped the Native Americans live comfortably?
abundant natural resources
What kind of trees were in the forest?
many tall sturdy cedar trees
What did the coastal waters and rivers provide to the Native Americans?
fish and seals
party where the hosts give gifts to show wealth and generosity
Totem poles
carved posts with animals or other images representing a person's ancestors-would be displayed outside their door and it showed wealth
what were dugout canoes used for in the Northwest Coast?
to hunt at sea
important person who they believed could cure sick person-could be a man or woman
What did Kwakiutl women use to weave into fabric?
cedar bark
What did Kwakiutl women use in the winter for fabric?
buckskin and furs
What kind of houses did the Native Indians of the Northwest Coast build?
plankhouse made out of cedar trees
What kind of life do the kwakiutl people live today?
a blend of modern and traditional culture