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Negotiators between French traders and other Indian nations. Native American Tribe
New France
French settlements in present day Canada
Ohio River Valley
Area between Mississippi river and Apalachian Mountains. Claimed by both france and england. This land was the cause of the French and Indian War.
Joseph Brant
Mohawk Chief Thayendanegea. Nickname the English gave to him that became an ally for England in The French and Indian War.
William Johnson
English trader and official that helped gain Iroqois support for England. Married an Indian Woman.
Who were England's 2 main rivals in North America
Spain and France
Where did Spain threaten England in North America?
The caibbean and the border between Georgia and Florida.
What job did mst French settlers in North America have?
fur traders and trappers.
Why did France build a system of military forts?
To protect their land interests in New France(Canada) in Louisiana and Ohio.
Why did France expect the Indians to side with them instead of siding with England?
More respectful. Did not steal or destroy their land. Also built relationships from the fur trade.
French and Indian War
Conflict over Ohio in North America between France and England.
Fort Necessity
Washington and men built a makeshift fort in ohio. Washington who was a British Colonel surrendered here to the French starting the French and Indian War.
Edward Braddock
Led the British and Colonial troops in an attack against Fort Duguense. British General sent to America to lead british in the French and Indian war. Washington served on his staff. Killed in battle.
William Pitt
became new head of British government in 1757. Main advisor to King GeorgeII. Spent huge amounts of money to win the French and Indian WAr,
Lieutenant Governor Dinwiddie
Wanted to warn the French. Lietenant Governer of Virginia who sent Washington into Ohio to claim land for Virginia.
What were the causes of The French and Indian War?
Land (OHIO), Furtrade
What was the Albany Congress and why did it meet?
Delegates from 7 colonies wanted to persuade the Iroquois to help them against the French. They met to plan a united colonial defense.
Why did the Iroquois decide not to help the British?
The land belonged to them so they didn't want to help other people to take it. Did not trust the British and they felt France would win the war.
What was Franklin's Albany Plan of the Union?
Attempt to create "one general Gov't" for 13 colonies. significant because the idea of 13 united colonies was not far off.
What were the French advantages in the F and I war?
Had single gov't, could act quickly when necessary. ManyIndian allies. The Indians knew how to fight in the wilderness of america. camouflage and hit and run tactics.
What were British advantages in the F and I war?
Population of the 13 colonies was 15 times greater than New France. The colonies were on the coast and easier to defend. British had the strongest navy in the world.
Why did the British struggle so much during the F and I War?
British had trouble fighting in the wilderness. They tried to use cannons which could not be moved through thick forests. the bright red coats stood out in the woods. The French learned to fight from the Indians and used hit and run tactics.
How did William Pitt help turn the tide of the war for england?
The British did not want to lose a war to France. Pitt spent huge amounts of money to win war for England. He hired soldiers from other countries(mercenaries).Also promised more pay.
What were the important points in the treaty of Paris?
Ended French power in North America. Britian gained Canada and all French lands east of the Miss. River, Spain gave up Florida to England bu took over Loiusianna and all land west of the miss. river including New Orleans.
Sons of liberty
Led by Samuel Adams, political group that protested British taxation and loss of self-rule.
Mercy Otis Warren
Member of the Daughters of Liberty, she published plays and wrote against British policies
formal written request to someone in authority signed by a group of people.
ideas spread to help a cause. Often exaggerations
Daniel Boone
Defied the Royal Proclamationof 1763. Explored Kentucky and land west of the Appalachian Mountains.
What did the Proclamation of 1763 say and why was it significant?
British law that forbid the colonists to settle west of Appalachians. It was significant because the British could not enforce this law and the colonists learned it would be hard for the British to enforce any law in America.
What did the Sugar Act tax and what was its purpose?
Tax on Sugar and Molasses. It was set up to stop smuggling
What was stamp act a tax on? Was this tax succcessful?
Tax on paper products, dice, and liquor. Not one stamp was sold in America.
What became the protest slogan after the stamp act passed?
No taxation without Representation.
What did the Quartering Act say?
Forced colonists to house and take care of British Red Coats.
What did eht Townsend Acts tax?
Tax on glass, lead, and paint.
Describe who Samuel and John Adams were?
Both of these men were nicknamed the fathers of American independence. These two cousins led the sons of liberty. Sam was the physical end and John became the political end. John was a skilled lawyer and Sam had many businesses but was not successful/
Who was Patrick Henry and why was he important?
A Virginia lawyer who became well known as a member of the Virginia house of Burgesses. A great speaker once said;"Give me Liberty or give me death."
Describe the Boston Massacre? What role did Paul Revere play in the boston Massacre?
March 5,1770 a crowd of angry colonists protested at Red Coat headquarters british soldiers taking night jobs. The mob of colonists grew angry and threw rocks and snowballs at the red coats. Not given order the red coats fired into the crowd. Killing 5 colonists. Sam Adams wrote a story and Paul Revere made a famous engraving using propaganda to make the colonists in the other 12 colonies to fear the red coats and the british.
total control of a product or market. no competition.
British East India Company
The tea was brought to the colonies by this company. they had the monopoly to sell tea in America.
An army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency. Non-professional soldiers.
Mass militia who were readdy to fight at a moments notice.
General Thomas Gage
British General sent to Boston to stop protests and restore order.
Describe the Boston Tea Party
Britian gave the East India company a monopoly on tea. Tea was very important to colonists. they were upset by the tax but more upset that they were forced to buy tea only from the East India Company. Dec 16, 1773 members of the Sons of Liberty dressed as Mohawk Indians and threw the tea from the East India company into Boston Harbor. The King was furios about the Boston Tea Party and this was the final straw.
Who was the King of England during the crisis with the colonies?
King George III
In response to the Boston tea party the British passes the intolerable acts. What were they?
Parliament shut down Boston. Forbade Mass colonists to hold town meetings more than once a year without governor's permission. Major criminals would be tried in English courts not in American Courts. The quartering Act would not be enforced.
What were the Committees of Correspondence?
A group of writers reporting the events that happened in Mass to the other colonies.
Where did the First Continental Congress meet and who were they?
met in Philadelphia at Carpenter's Hall. They were delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies. They promised to support Mass, boycott British goods until the Intolerable acts were repealed, and train militias in their state in case of war with Britain.
Name the riders that sounded the alarm of the British advance on Mass.
Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Dr. Samuel Prescott
In what 2 towns did the American Revolution start?
Lexington and Concord
Why is the American Revolution called the "Shot heard rounf the world"?
At lexington and Concord the revolution began and changed the world. Many revolutions followed the American Revolution all with the ideas of Freedom and Liberty.