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What does settlement mean?
a colony or a place where people gather together (a village or a town)
land ruled by a government of another country.
devotion to ones country. (one of the reasons europeans set sail
country ruled by a king or queen
sail around (Magellan circumnavigated the world)
having to do with shipping or sailing
wery large area of land (such as a continent)
Civil War
a war between pasts of the same country. ( Pizarro and De almagro- Spanish civil war)
betrayal of ones country ( pizarro killed Atahualpa for treason)
a narrow strip of land with water on either side
Why did the Europeans set sail on voyages of discovery?
1) Christopher Columbus found the new world

2) people wanted to expand their empires

3) find cheaper spices

4) gold
Why did Christopher Columbus have trouble getting support for his voyage?
1) Wanted alot of money

2) Wanted to be propetual governer of all the land he found and all of the expenses paid.

3) Scientists thought he miscalculated the amount of water seperating Europe from China
What was Pedro Alvares Cabrals major achievement?
found land of brazil (he was actually trying to get to Asia)
What was Ferdinand Magellans major achievement?
his men sailed around the world (he died in Phillipeans) tried to find passage throughout the new world.
Summarize the reasons for the conquest of the Aztec Empire.
1) Disease

2) captured enemies for sacrifice

3) Armor and weapons of Aztecs were primitive

4) Aztecs thought Cortes was Quetzalcoatl

5) Cortes and Spanish convinced allies to fight against Aztecs

6) Spanish had no horses
Summarize reasons for Conquest of Incas
1) Pizarro and Almagro were looking for gold.

2) Pizarro led Spanish, found and fought Incas

3) Almagro got all supplies

4) Incas had a civil war

5) Pizarro killed Atahulpa
Hernando Cortes
invaded and conquered Aztecs and defeated Tenotichlan
Fransisco Pizarro
conquered Incas, rebelled against Balboa, captured and killed Atahualpa. (Brother killed Almagro)
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
first man from Europe to see pacific
Diego de Almagro
explorer with Pizarro, both set out to get the Incas, got all of the supplies for the trip, civil war between his men and Pizarro's men.
King of Aztecs, killed by Cortes, thought Cortes was Quetzacotal
ruler of incas, captured by Pizarro, he had a civil war with his brother, tried to buy his freedom with gold.
Cabeza de Vaca
explorer, started in Florida, sailed to Eastern Texas, spent next three years trying to find Mexico City (former Tenochitlan)
El Dorado
legendary city of gold