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Who was Martin Luther King?
Martin Luther King was a leader who fought for equality for African Americans.
Abraham Lincoln was:
a. A famous author.
b. A famous President of the United States.
c. The first President of the USA.
d. Part of the Lewis & Clark
What did Martin Luther King believe:
a. That African Americans should return to Africa.
b. That African Americans should be treated the same as whites.
c. That African Americans should go to different schools than whites.
d. That African Americans were not equal to other people.
What was Daniel Boone's nickname?
a. "Old Traveler"
b. "The Pathfinder"
c. "Booney Boy"
d. "The Storyteller"
What did Jacob Lawrence do?
a. Marched with Martin Luther King.
b. Painted people during the Great Migration.
c. Painted Lewis & Clark's expedition.
d. Fought in the Civil War.
A Pioneer is:
a. A person who moved from the Southto the North.
b. A person who is among the first group of people to settle in an area.
c. Someone who came to live in Little Italy.
d. African Americans.
Lewis and Clark mapped a route from:
a. Louisiana to California.
b. Kentucky to Montana.
c. Missouri to Oregon.
d. Montana to Oregon.
Why did African Americans move to the North?
a. To find work.
b. To find their relatives.
c. To join Lewis and Clark.
d. To fight in the army.
The Civil War was:
a. A war between the Northern States and the Southern States of the USA.
b. A war between the USA and Europe.
c. before Lewis and Clark's Expedition.
d. Fought by Martin Luther King's followers.
Jacob Lawrence:
a. Was a famous explorer.
b. Was a famous writer.
c. Was a famous speaker.
d. Was a famous artist.
What did Daniel Boone do?
a. He traveled with Lewis and Clark.
b. He found new paths and trails to the East.
c. He found new paths and trails to the West.
d. He immigrated to Little Italy.
How did people travel on the Oregon Trail?
a. by wagon train.
b. in small groups of Italian immigrants.
c. after the Civil War.
d. with Daniel Boone.
An Immigrant is:
a. A Native American
b. Someone who lives in New York.
c. Someone who comes to live in a new country.
d. A child who lives in a cabin.
Little Italy
a. is close to France.
b. is where the Spanish settled in New Jersey.
c. is a town in Kentucky.
d. is where the Italian immigrants
settled in New York City.
The Great Migration
a. took place during the Civil War.
b. mapped the route to Oregon.
c. was the movement of African Americans from South to North.
d. was the movement of Italians from
North to South.