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trading companies backed by investors
joint stock companies
colonial governer
the right of a spanish property owner to demand labor from the native americans on the land
a system of international trade based on colonies and the desire for wealth
robbery at sea
people of mixed spanish and native american ancestry
large estates granted to spanish nobles by the king of spain to encourage colonization
nobles who used their personal funds to start colonies
a person of spanish ancestry born in new spain
spaniard living in new spain who was born in spain
elizabeth I
the queen of england who challanged the spanish colonial empire in the americas
walter raleigh
sent english explorers to establish a colony in north america at roanoke island
indentured servants
sold labor in exchange for passage to the american colonies
eusebio kino
spanish priest who built more then 20 missions in northern mexico and arizona
phillip II
the king of spain who ruled a vast empire in europe and the amreicas during 1500s
black slaves
brought from africa to the americas by spaniards to work the plantations
francis drake
the most famous sea dog. Knighted by queen of england for taking millions of dollars worth of spanish treasure
what did el camino royal link?
All the spanish missions in california. It means the king's road.
Roanoke mystery
Francis Drake left behind 15 of his men when he picked up all the colonists to go to Roanoke. They were never heard of again. The "Lost Colony".
year cortez conquered mexico
around 1518
year pizzaro conquered peru
around 1532