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Melting pot
a place where different peoples are mixed together and influence each other
to make a foreigner a citizen of a country
foreigner: a person who comes from a foreign country;
to expel a foreigner or immigrant from a country
Push Factors
Wars( e.g Napoleonic 1792- 1815)
lack of land
restrictions of freedoms
class structure
Pull Factors
land and wealth
freedoms(e.G religious, trial by jury)
liberal immigrants policie/ easy to gain citezebship
active recruitment (e.g by NW terroritories)
Benjamin Franklin
relized how important immigration waas for u.s
John Adams
helped create dtricter laws for immigration was presidentNAturalization act of 1798
Thomas Jefferson
Was president bought the lousianna purchase
Napolean Bondapart
Decreased immigartion from EUrope because of his wars and almost wiped out a few langauges
Alexander Hamilton
He was born in the carribean and tried to get immigrants the same writes as native born americans