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What is China's official name?
People's Republic of China
China is the world's 3rd largest country. Name 2 countries that are larger.
Russia and Canada
The world's largest plateau is in China. Name it.
Plateau of Tibet
The hottest place in China is 505 ft. below sea level. Name it.
Turban Depression
China's sand desert is the __________ Desert.
The _____ Desert is twice the size of Texas. It's made up of rocks instead of sand.
Located in eastern China, ________ and _______ are two of its largest manufacturing areas.
Beijing and Shanghai
Three of Chinas major waterways and plains flow through the plains and southern highlands. Name them.
Yangtze, Yellow, and Xi
Why is the Yellow River called China's sorrow?
ts flooding has caused much damage and killed many people
What have the Chinese done to control flooding?
built dikes
Why does eastern China have so many earthquakes?
it lies on a fault
China has been communist since _____
Name two problems communism created for China.
fell behind in technology and goods were poor quality
Currently, China's economy is booming because they have allowed the free enterprise system to take hold. What are 3 features of this system?
choose own jobs, keep the profits, and grow and sell waht you wish
How has China's economic growth harmed its environment?
chemicals in rivers and burning coal pollutes air
The number one cause of death in China is ______ ________
lung disease