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What landforms are found in the western United States?
Mountains,valleys and plains are found in the western United States.
What do geographers think about when they study the world?
Geoagrphers think about the earth and the way people make it their home. They ask questions where a place is and it is like.
What is the equator and what does it do to the earth?
The equator is the imaginery line around the middle of the earth. The equator separtes the hemispheres.
What are the names of the mountains that are found in Colorado?
The mountains fornd in Colorado are the Rocky Mountains.
How did the geography and resources of San Diego help it grow?
San Diego is located on the Pacific Coast and has a large harbor. The harbor and the climate have helped San Diego to grow.
Name three natural resourses.
Water, Oil, Iron Ore
What type of resources are farm tractors and computers?
Capital Resources
What are nonrenewable resources?

Name a few.
Nonrenewable resources are resources which cannot be replaced.

Oil, coal,copper, gold and iron ore are a few nonrenewable resources.
What is a flow resource?
Flow resources can only be used at a certain time and place.

Flow resources include: Sunlight,wind and water.
In order to prepare for the future and protect our natural resources, many people are practicing what?
What is a region? Name all of the regions named in Lesson 3.
A region is an area with one or more features in common.

The our regions discussed are:
Northwest,South,Midwest and West
What region is San Diego in?
San Diego is in the Western Region.
When a region makes a lot of one product,such as potatoes, what is it called?
Can you name a product that California produces a lot of?
Almonds, raisins, wine, and tomatoes.
If a region does not have a resource that it needs, what is one thing that region might do?
If a region does not have a resource that it needs, it may "trade" for it.
How does geography affect the activities that people do?
If you live next to the coast, you are more likely to be a beach person. If you live near or in the mountains you are more likely to be a skiier. If you live on a lake you are more likely to be a water skiier or fish.
What is erosion ? Give an example.
Erosion is the process by which water and wind wear away the land.

Example: The Grand Canyon is a product of erosion.
In the Great Lakes, mussels attach themselves to the ships and have caused many problems. What was one of the problems that occured?
The Zebra mussels form groups or clusters which clog pipes and they eat food which local fish count on.