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Because the pheasants were allowed to farm a noble's land, what did they have to do?
pay taxes and serve in the noble's army
Why did the Han emperor make people take a civil service test?
He wanted to be sure that the people who ran the government would do a good job
What was the name of the peasant who became emperor of China and the founder of the Han Dynasty?
Liu Bang
What were three things that were invented during the Han dynasty?
paper, the wheelbarrow, and an earthquake detector
For what did they use oracle bones?
They used them to get advice from the gods or from their ancestors.
What did the Zhou kings believe?
that they would be able to rule China as long as they continued to show virtues
What did the emperor Shi Huangdi do to protect China from outsiders?
He built the Great Wall of China.
What does each of China's regions have?
a different geography
What were the Zhou nobles supposed to do for the Zhou peasants?
protect them
The main way that Europe and China traded goods and ideas was....
along the Silk Road by caravan
What is Daoism?
It teaches that the key to long life and happiness is to accept life as it is.
Shi Huangdi enforced legalism which taught the people to obey their rulers ...
out of fear
What Chinese dynasty used chariots and bronze weapons to control the country?
Who was Liu Bang?
He was a peasant who became emperor of China and founded the Han dynasty.
Where were China's early civilizations located?
the Juang He and Chang Jiang Rivers