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A special way a group of people does something. For example, giving a gift to someone on their birthday.
Beginning with your parents and grandparents, all those in your family who were born before you.
A person who comes to a new land from another country.
The practice of making one person the property of another.
The history and traditions a group of people share.
People with a common heritage-it is also a group of people whose ancestors are from the same country or area.
Ethnic Group
The laws and people that run a city, state, or country.
The plan for our government that was created in 1781. It explains how our government is set up and our most important laws.
Where people pick representatives to run our government.
Democratic Republic
People who are born in a country or have earned the right to become members of that country.
Also know as the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH of government.A branch of government that makes the laws for the whole country-it is divided into 2 parts:the Sentate and House of Representatives.
The person who is the head of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH of government. This person makes sure that the laws are followed. This person meets with leaders of other countries. This person is in charge of military forces.
When the power to rule comes from the people (instead, for example, from a king)
Way of life.
Also known as the people who make up the JUDICIAL BRANCH of government. The highest court in the country. Has 9 judges.
Supreme Court
What are the three branches of government?
Executive, Judicial, and Legislative
Who heads the Executive branch?
The President
Who heads the Legislative branch?
Who heads the Judicial Branch?
The Supreme Court
What are the three responsibilities of the President
(1) Carries out laws.
(2) Meets with leaders of other countries.
(3) Leads military.
What are the two responsibilities of Congress?
(1) Makes laws for our country.
(2) Decides how much money to spend.
What is the responsibility of the Supreme Court?
Makes sure our laws follow the Constitution.
What determines how many representatives a state has?
It depends on how many people live in the state.
How many senators are elected from each state?
What are the two parts that make up Congress?
The House of Representatives and Sentate
Give two reasons why immigrants have come to America.
(1) A better life
(2) Because of slavery.
Name a heritage that all Americans share.
All Americans share our country's heritage: Respect for others.
People with a common heritage form a ____.
Ethnic Group