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a group of Separatists who were punished; left England to escape this persecution and moved to the Netherlands. came back to england because their children were losing English tradition. finally settled in Virginia
people who came to a new country after leaving the land of their birth
Pilgrim leader that was in charge of the Mayflower
William Bradford
contract the men in the Mayflower signed because they landed outside the boundaries of their Engish charter. agreed to have fair laws to protect the general good. first attempts at self-government
Mayflower Compact
american indian who spole broken english
Patuxet Indian Pilgrims were introduced to. taught Pilgrims how to fertalize soil with fish remains and helped them establish relations with Massasoit the chief of the local Wampanoag Indians.
people who disagree with official opinions
mass migration or thousands of English people to the Americas because of economic, political, and religious problems
Great Migration
Massachusetts Bay Colony's governor who wrote a speech about Puritans' goals
John Winthrop
sacred agreement
a minister who left Massachusetts with his folowers to found Connecticut "Father of American democracy"
Thomas Hooker
a set of principals that Hooker helped draft that made Connecticut's government more democratic. let men who weren't church members vote.
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
minister who disagreed with the leadershp of Massachusetts. called his church to compleatly separate from other New England congregations. he also criticized the General Court for taking land from the American Indians without paying. founded a new settlement called Providence which later became the colony of Rhode Island
Roger Williams
she angered Puritan leaders by publicly discussing religious ideas that some leaders thought radical. believed that god speaks directly to people apart from the bible. she was put on trial and they forced her to leave the colony. she helped found the colony of Portsmouth
Anne Hutchinson
owners that controlled the government
King Charles 1 gave him a charter to foud a new colony. also known as Lord Baltimore. colony was intended to be a refuge for English Catholics. named southern colony Maryland in honor of England's queen. never visited the colony that he founded
Cecilius Calvert
bill that made restricting the religious rights of Cristians a crime. one of the first laws supporting religious tolerance
Toleration Act of 1649
he took control of New York . experienced soldier with a wooden leg who ruled the clony as a dictator
Director General Peter Stuyvesant
society of friends that made up one of the largest religious groups in New Jersey. founded by George Fox, believed that all people had an "inner light" that could help the experience god. rejected formal relgious practices and dressed plainly. supported nonviolence as well as religious tolerance for all people. persecute in both England and American colonies
a proprietor of the New Jersey colony who wished to found a larger colony under his own control that would provide a safe home for Quackers. granted a charter to begin a colony west of New Jersey; Pennsylvania
William Penn
recieved permission to start a colony for poor English citizens who had been jailed for unpaid debts. founded the city of Savannah. he outlawed slavery and limited the size of land grants, gave poor colonists free passage to Georgia. settlers grew unhappy with these rules, he finally gave up his charter and the english government made Georgia a royal colony with new laws.
James Oglethorpe
special forms that allowed tax collectors to search for smuggled goods
writs of assistance
same as the sons of liberty but with women
daughters of liberty
information giving only one side in an argument designed to influence public opinion
when a British soldier standing guard got into a fight with a colonist. a crowed gathered and threw snowballs and shourted insults at the guard. the mob grew louder and then suddenly the soldiers fired into the crowd killing several colonists.
Boston Massacre
officer of the soldiers in the Boston Massacre
Thomas Preston
defended the soldiers in the Boston Massacre when they were charged with murder
Josiah Quincy and John Adams
owner of the Liberty ship
John Hancock
colonists disguised as American Indians snuck onto three tea filled ships and dumped the chests into the Boston Harbor
Boston Tea Party