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What Native American groups took the French and British side during the war?
-Algonquins and Hurons took French side
-Iroquois took British side
Who fought in the French and Indian War and why?
English(British) and French
-for control of Ohio River Valley
What were the names of the main forts each side had?
English-Fort Necessity
French-Fort Duquesne
Why did the Albany Congress meet?
they wanted to pursuade the Iroquis to help them against the French
-plan a united colonial defense
no good
no good
What are the representatives from each colony?
the Grand Council
Was the Albany Congress succesful and why?
No, delegates approved the plan, but colonies did not
-no colony wanted to give up their power
Who did the Iroquis help and why?
French, thought they were stronger than the British
What were the advantages each side had during the war?
French:-single government; could act quickly
-support of Indian allies
British:-larger pop.
-colonies clustered along coast; easy to defend
-best navy
Who was General Braddock and why was he NOT succesful?
-General for the British
-nickname:"Bulldog"-he was stubborn
-Not successful-moved slowly through forest with heavy gear and cannons
Explain in detail, what was the turning point of the war?
-William Pitt(bold leader) focused on winning war in N. America, and won more Iroquois support
-siezed Fort Duquesne, renamed Fort Pitt(now Pittsburgh)
What ended the French and Indian War?
Battle of Quebec
Explain in detail, what the Treaty of Paris stated?
-marked end of French power in N America
-Britain gained Canada and all French land E of Mississippi River
-France kept islands in Gulf of St. Lawrence
-Spain gave up Florida to Britain
-Spain recieved all French land W of Miss. River; Port of New Orleans
What does "No Taxation Without Representation" mean?
-colonist have NO elected representatives to send to Parliament
-colonists NO chance to voice opinion about taxes
-Parlaiment NO right to tax colonists
-colonists don't use $ from taxes
-ALL $ goes to England
Explain in detail, why the British imposed taxes on the colonists and how the colonists reacted.
Imposed taxed: in dept from war (Fr. and Indian war)
-boycott Brithish goods (refuse to buy)
-smuggle goods in