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What kinds of products helped make the city of Meroe an important center of trade?
Iron Products
Where was the course of the Nile smoother, ancient Egypt or Nubia?
What helped to make Nubia an important trading center?
It's location between Egypt and southern Africa
When did the Kushite rule over Egypt come to an end?
when the Assyrians invaded Egypt
Which kingdom was strong enough to drive the Egyptians out of Nubia?
What was a very important trade item of the Nubians?
The Greeks build new ports on the Red Sea. What happened because of this?
The end of Meroe as an important center of trade
How were the rulers of Meroe different from Egyptian rulers?
The women played an important role in government. Many became queens
Why did the merchants in Meroe develop trading networks?
They wanted to sell their iron products.
From whom did the Kushites learn to make iron?
the Assyrians
Why did Meroe stop being a center of trade?
Traders began using sea routes instead of overland routes through Meroe.
Who conquered the Egyptians?
What did the Egyptians do to punish the people of Kerma for helping the Hyksos?
They destroyed the Kush's capital city of Karma
What were the Nubians among the first people to do?
They were among the first to make pottery to store grains and carry supplies.
What do you call the path that a trader uses as they exchange goods?
Trade Routes
What kind of map gives you information about the past?
Historical Map
What is a trade network?
a group of buyers and sellers
What does annex mean?
To take over
What is another word for complete freedom?
What do you call a person or country that is a supporter?
Meroe was the capital of Kush and an important trading center.Why did it become an important trading center;what caused its importance as a trading center to end?
1) It was an important trading center because of its location on the Nile River. 2) It was the meeting point of several overland routes. 3) Its importance ended when traders began using sea routes instead of overland routes.