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What are the social sciences?
the study of how people live in groups
_______ _________ study small groups, such as families or large groups, such as nations. They learn about economy, geography, history, and politics of the groups they study.
Social scientists
What are artifacts?
Things people use in their daily lives
What is an economy?
The way people in a community use resources to meet their wants and needs such as food, clothing and shelter.
What is the study of how people make,buy, and sell things?
What is an economist?
A social scientist that studies the economy of a community.
A __________ is a social scientist who studies the natural and constructed features of the Earth's surface.
Land, water, plants,and animals are made by nature. These are called__________ ___________.
natural features
People build towns, roads, bridges, and dams.
These are called _________ ___________.
constructed features
What is the name of a scientist who studies government?
political scientist
The study of governments is called _________ ___________.
political science
A system for deciding what is best for the group whose main job is to make and carry out laws and rules is called _________________.
Governments supply things that people need like ___________ and _______________________.
schools and safe streets
A person who studies the past is called a ______________.
A __________ would be the social scientist interested in artifacts from long ago.