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industries make finished products
industry that has the highest %of workforce in Canada
tertiary/ service
industry that uses insecticide and pesticides
human impact on settlements means that it was made by
When we are talking about "economic influences" we are talking about...
making money/ making a living
restaurants, jobs, sports
what is common to these three things?
These are human characteristics.
industry that makes wheat to flour
dying trees, sterile soil, dead fish are result of
acid rain
environmental interaction involves: land, air and
water/ rivers and lakes
the imaginary line that runs north and south through Greenwich England is
prime Meridian
the imaginary line that runs east and west, through Brazil is
the imaginary line that runs north and south directly opposite Greenwich
international date line
degrees latitude never
Where in north America would one find the Cordillera system
near the Pacific Coast
Where in north America would one find the interior plains
in the center running north and south including Alberta
the large area from the Arctic ocean down to the great lakes and back up to Newfoundland in known as
Canadian Shield
using the grid of degrees latitude and longitude is finding the
absolute location
important when determining climate in relation to the equator is
referring one place in relation to someplace else is known as
relative location
What type of industry makes appliances, automobiles, aircrafts and electronics?
interdependence means that countries rely on
each other
are oceans and rivers, glaciers landforms
Are mountains plateaus, hills, plains landforms?
Is loam good for growing crops?
What happens to the temperature when elevation increases?
It gets cooler
A break in the crust of the earth because of tension is a ________ line?
In the Rockies the Great Divide is where some water runs east and ....
some runs west
describing how an area is usually warm and dry is talking about
which does not belong: wind, glaciers and Oceans acid rain
acid rain
which area in Canada has the largest concentration of population
Ontario/ central Canada
true or false: higher places are drier
The Cordillera region is mostly made of: Therefore traveling can be difficult
two political regions in North America are:
Canada/ USA or Ottawa/Washington
language, customs and religion make up ones:
Economics reflect how people
make a living (money)
physical regions are those that show how
the land looks
the earliest proven arrival of Europeans to North America is
1000 AD
Where did John Cabot land?
Three reasons why European set up colonies were...?
for cheap raw materials, market to sell goods, place for people to settle
The first Europeans were interested in Canada because they could get
First French person to claim Canada for France
The Iroquois depended on what for 70% of their food?
before Europeans, how did the natives on the Interior plains survive
by hunting and gathering
What does colonization mean?
a country sending people to a new land to take control of it and its people
What were three ways that intendant Jean Talon tried tried to build up New France?
encourage soldiers to stay, bringing women from France, encourage trade people to come
When primary products from New France are traded for finished products form France this is known as....
What battle gave New France to Britain?
Battle of the Plains of Abraham
after fishing, why was Canada explored?
for furs
the Acadians were people who refused to swear an oath of loyalty to
Britain/ British King
Assimilation of the French into British laws and customs was the goal of which document
Proclamation of 1763
The ruling group in Lower Canada later Quebec was known as
Chateau Clique
Where was Louis Joseph Papineau from
Lower Canada
Where was William Lyon Mackenzie from
Upper Canada
Who suggested the "Great Coalition"
George Brown
The first Prime Minister was
John A Macdonald
Warm air from the Pacific forcing the cold Arctic air in southern Alberta and northern Montana is:
a chinook
When a river meanders from side to side in a large snake like fashion what age is it?
old age
True or false: landforms are physical characteristics
Who did Britain want to keep loyal with the passing of the Quebec Act was?
Canadiens/ French-speaking settlers
The Constitutional Act divided Quebec in to two colonies, what were they?
Upper Canada and Lower Canada
Question: in Lower Canada in 1830's the colonists wanted a responsible governement and the protection of French culture and language. This resulted in which rebellion?
The Rebellion of 1837
The Bill that Lord Elgin signed because it passed tin the Legislative Assembly was
rebellion losses bill
Who got control of the colonies when Britain signed the Act of Union 1841
English speaking people
Sir. John A. MacDonald was the first what?
Prime Minister
Who was George Brown?
leader of Canada West
Who was George Etiene Cartier?
He was the leader of Canada East
What was the result of the political deadlock in the assembly of the Province of Canada?
No important bills could be passed
A trans-continental railway is important because….
small railways went broke, to trade goods, and to move troops
Why did Canadian leaders feel it was necessary to unite the country?
American troops were moving to Western Canada
Americans in the 1860's were scary because…..
Many Americans believed North America belonged to them.
Which meeting worked on details for the new Confederation?
Quebec Conference
How could the people of British North America increase trade?
They could unite
How did the Fenians affect the Union of Canada?
The people of New Brunswick were scared of the Fenians who attacked them and thus wanted to unite with others who could provide protection.
When was confederation?
What was the BNA (British North America Act)?
The act that made Canada an independent nation.
What were the first 4 colonies to join confederation?
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec.
Banking and Currency was a _________ responsibility.
Indians and land reserved for Indians was a _________ responsibility
Education is a _____________ responsibility.
The group of elected members who are elected but not in power are the ….
Judiciary is another name for …
the courts
If you are the head of a government department then you are the …
Cabinet Minister
The Governor General is the …
Queen's representative in Canada.
Two reasons that the Metis were angry were…
Death of buffalo and land was not given out in a fair manner.
How was British Columbia convinced to join Confederation?
A railway would be built to British Columbia with 10 years
Why did more people move to the Prairies after 1885?
The Railway was complete which made travelling easier.
Why was the Northwest Mounted Police formed?
The wanted to make sure that the land was claimed for Canada and to stop the whiskey traders.
Why Prime Minister MacDonald want to put Native people on reserves?
He wanted the land in the west for the Railway and European settlers
What happened to the Native people on the Prairies?
1000's died due to food shortages and European diseases
During the 1885 Metis rebellion who was the leader of the Metis?
Louis Riel
What was the effect of the Northwest Rebellion on the C.P.R? (Canadian Pacific Rail)
Government gave money to complete the railway
What happened to Louis Riel after the North-West Rebellion?
Riel was hanged
When did Alberta and Saskatchewan become Provinces?
The Selkirk grant is in the province of …
What were the ideas of John A. Macdonald's National Policy did not include?
fair settlement for lands of Metis and First Nations
How was Canadian Pacific Railway financed?
Government gave money and land grants
Why were Edmonton and Regina chosen as provincial capitals?
Edmonton was on the main rail line, Regina was the headquarters of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP)
Brazil is located in the __________ hemisphere?
Nearly all the regions of Brazil a ________ climate.
Unlike the Europeans the agriculture of the Brazilian Indians did not…
do long term damage to the land.
Be able to locate the Amazon rain forest on a map
Be able to locate the Amazon rain forest on a map
What are the 2 most important uses of the rivers of Brazil?
Transportation and Hydroelectric power.
Most people in Brazil live where?
Close to the coastline
Who was brought to Brazil to work on sugar plantations?
African Slaves
One difference between the colonization of Brazil and New France was …
Home country of Portugal wanted to conquer rather than trade with Native people.
The Portuguese settlement in Brazil did what to the environment
loss of soil fertility
Question on a chart
Question on a chart
Question on a chart
Question on a chart
What is infant mortality?
Infant mortality is the number of babies that die under 1 year of age. It is a good indicator of nutrition, housing conditions, sanitation and health care.
If your population increases rapidly what is likely to happen?
increase the amount of poverty
What skills did the immigrants who came over after 1890 have?
Business and agriculture
It was important for Brazil to open up the interior because…
The wanted to reduce crowding in the coastal areas and get some of the valuable resources that are in Brazil's interior
What has been the reaction of the Indians in the rain forest to development on Brazil's rainforest?
The have fought with the gold miners and ranchers over land
Defoliants are used to
kill plants and trees
Why do Brazilians move to the cities?
To get a job and make money
Why did people move to Rhodonia
free land
What is urbanization?
Moving to the city
Reading question
Reading question
If Brazil is so big why does everyone not have land?
Most land is owned by a small group of wealthy landowners
What percentage of wildlife is at risk as a result of rain forest destruction?
When vast amounts of the rain forest are burned what is the result?
increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leading to global warming
Environmentalists are concerned with what?
The development of Brazil's rainforest
The settlement and development activity that has been responsible for the most deforestation is
Cattle ranching
What is selective logging?
Taking only certain trees and leaving the rest.
What is selective logging?
The soil loses its fertility within 3-5 years
When you live in a favela you are most likely…
impoverished and unhealthy
Reading question
Reading question
studying land use and population distribution helps you to understand what?
Settlement patterns