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Proclamation of 1763
The colonists were not allowed to move west of the mountains
Townstend Acts 1767
Boycott of British goods and the adding of taxes and the British are making soldiers stay with the colonists
Stamps Act 1765
That all British goods were stamped for taxes.
Boston Massacre 1770
Then the British killed colonists cuz they disagree with what they did
Boston Tea Party Dec. 16, 1773
When colonists dump the tax in the Boston harbor.
Tea Act 1773
The British placed a tax on tea.
The Intorerable Acts 1774
Laws to punish the mass. colonie, by British.
September 1774
the first continental congress banned all trade with britian.
Apirl 19,1775
Troops ordered to Lexington, and Concorde, Mass. it was 700 British against 1400 colonists
July 4th 1776
The Declaration of Independence was signed by 55 men.