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The huge area that lay between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains north of California
orgeon county
What was the treaty the Spanish agreed to set the limits of their territory at what is now California's northern border and gave up any claim to Oregon.
Adams-Onis Treaty
The possession and settling of an area sharecd by two or more countries
joint occupation
Who organized the American Fur Company?
John Jacob Astor
who were the people that spent most of their time in the Rocky mountains
mountain men
When mountain men had meetings or gatherings what was that called?
A broad break through the Rockey Mountains so the settlers could go to. Later became the main route that settlers took to Oregon
South Pass
Gathering in independence or other towns in missouri they followed the _____ across the great plains along the platte river and through the south pass of the rocky mountains
Oregon Trail
A person who leaves a country or region to live elsewhere.
What ere canvas-convered wagons called
prarire schooners
Many americans thoughtt they had to spread what to the continent
manifest destiny
In the presidential election of 1844 who did the demicrats nominate for president and what what was his slogan
James k. polk
Fifty-four forty of fight
Mexicans who claimed Texas as their home
A person who arrange for the settlement of land in Texas during the 1800s.
official order
To add a territory to one's own territory
Huge properties for raising livestock set p by mexican settlers in california
ranch owners
Who were the mexicans slaves
native americans
Where did the American forces take over, the capital of mexico
mexico city
The mexicans who lived in california were?
To give up by treaty
In what treaty did mexico give up all claims to Texas and agreed to the Rio Grande as the border between texas and mexico
treaty of guadalpe hidalgo
People who went to california during the gold rush of 1849
A community experiencing a sudden growth in business or population
Who was a merchant who sold miners sturdy pants made of denim
levi strauss
people who take the law into their own hands
who was the mexican war hero and now president who urged the people for california to apply for statehood
zachary taylor
Members of the church of Jesus christ of Latter-day saints
founded the church in 1830 in new york state
joseph smith
Who took over as heade of the mormons when jospeh smith was killed
Brigham young
where did young decide o take the mormons to?
Great Salt Lake