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What was an ancient Egyptian leader called?
Name one city-state of ancient Greece?
Sparta, Athens
Rome and Carthage fought in
What two groups made up Roman society?
Patritians; Plebians
Which river was the "Giver of Life" to the Egyptians?
Where did most ancient civilizations start?
River Valleys
What is an Archipelego?
A close group of Islands
What is a Peninsula? give an example
A body of land surrounded by water on 3 sides. EX: Italy, Greece, Rome
Which River was important to the Romans?
What were the Tribunes in ancient Rome?
Men who were appointed to protect the rights of the plebians.
Name the 5 major world Religions?
Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism
Name the Founder of Islam?
Name the Founder of Judaism?
What is monotheism?
The belief in one God.
Which of the 5 major world religions believed in the caste system?
What is the caste system?
A lifelong social group into which he or she is born.
Who was Amon-Ra
The sun God.
List 3 things that China gave to the world?
Silk, Rice, Toothbrush, Great Wall, Pictographs
The ruler of China is better known as the?
What is the importance of oracle bones?
It was commonly used during the Shang Dynasty to predict the future.