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The practice of holding a person in bondage?
What is Slavery.
This happened in the late 18th century, in Britian, when factory machines began replacing hand tools and manufacturing replaced farming as the main source of work?
What is the Industrial Revolution.
This is known as a tax on imported goods?
What is a tarifff.
This is an economic system in which nations increase their wealth and power by obtaining gold and silver and by extablishing a favorable balance of trade.
What is Mercantilism.
This is the tragic journey of the Cherokee people from their homeland to Indian Territory between 1838 and 1839; thousand of Cherokee died.
What is the Trial of Tears.
This is the belief that the United States was destied to streach across the continent form the Atlantice Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
What is the Manifest destiny
The 1803 purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France.
What is the Louisiana Purchase?
When given offical approval what woulkd this be called.
What is Ratification?