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tent made by strteching buffalo skin on tall poles
sled pulled by dog or horse
dried meat
sun dance
religious ceremony (4 days) to thank the great spirit for blessings, good hunts, and help in times of trouble.
ghost dance
a dance to bring out the new world
transcontinental railroad
railroad that stretches across a continent from coast to coast example from east to west.
ghost town
deserted towns when everyone has left there town due to no more gold or silver in mining.
boom town
when all of a sudden people come to a town because of all the gold and siver.
a group of african americans that moved from kansas.
populist party
farmers and labor unions joined together.
sitting bull
leader of the lakotas. he was arrested for spreading the ghost dance he was accidentally shot and killed.
crazy horse
lakota chief. they were both in the sioux war. that lead Indians against gold miners that were on their land.
Colonel George custer
led a column of soldiers into the little Bighorn Valley.
group of farmers who pool their money to buy seeds and tools wholesale.
buying or selling something in a large quantity at lower prices.