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Canidate that recieves the backing of his home state rather than of the national party.
favorite son
Canidates have to recieve _______, or more that half of the electoral votes
largest single share
When clay and adams met for the meeting so jackson could not win many of jackson's followers accused the two men of making a _________ and stealing the election
corrupt bargain
which party supported jackson
democratic republicans
who supported john quincy adams
National republicans
Attempts to ruin their opponent's rreputation w/ insults
what did the democratic republicans accuse adams of?
betraying the people
what did the national republicans accuse jackson of?
embarrassing incidints in Jackosn's life when jackson ordered in the war of 1812 to execute several soldiers who had deserted.
An overwhelming victory
What was jackson's nickname
old hickory
the right to vote
A system in which noneleced officials carry out laws
replacing government emplyees w/ the winning candidate's supporters
spoils system
A meeting held by a political party to choose their party;s candidate for president or decide policy
system in which deleates from the states selected the party's presidential candidate.
nominating convention
Where was the first national party convention that the democrats had in 1832?
baltimore maryland
A fee paid by merchants who impoted goods
to cancal, a federal law if considered against state interets
break away
The state legislature passed the __________ act declaring that it would not pay the illegal tariffs of 1828 and 1832.
Nullification Act
Jackson persuaded congress to pass the _____ bill allowng the president to use te united states military to enforce acts of congress. w/ tariffs in south saying he would hang first man he saw on the first tree
Force bill
To force a person or group of people to move
The act that allowed the federal government to pay native americans to move west
removal act
where is the indian territory
which nation refused to give up its land after the removal act
The path that the cheokee took was called
Trail of Tears
What tribe went back to their homeland illionois
saux and fox people
Who led a force of sauk and fox people back to illionois their homeland
black hawk
Who were the only native americans who successfully resisted their removal
seminole people of florida
Who was the seminole chief
making suprise attacks and then retreating back into the forests and swamps
guerrilla tactics
Who was the bank's president that represented everything jackson disliked
nicholas biddle
who were 2 senatorrs that were friends of biddle who planned to use the bank to defeat jackson in the 1832 presiential election
henry clay, daniel webster
to reject a bill
a period in which buisness and employment fall to a very low level
The depression began with the ________________ atime when land values dropped sharply, investments declined suddenly and banks failed
Panic of 1837