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Battle of Aniteman
bloodiest battle in all American history. N found souths battle plan and foreced Lee to retreat. unfortuantly we did not finish lee off. b/c of this victory Lincoln called for emancipation
Battle of Shiloh
fiersect battle war has seen yet... after the second day at a church called shiloh(which meant peace) grant forced south to retreat.. in tennesea
Ulysesses S Grant
an unlikely war hero who graduated from W.P who later became leader of Union Army and helped win the Civil War.... Later became Pres.
robert E Lee
A great leader for south . Led confedrate army to many victorius battles. Also graduated from W.P
George Mccleean
the cheif in leader for the union army... won may victorious but after not advancing and finishing of the weakened Lee's army lincoln fired him
7 days battle
from june 25 to july 1 lee claimed victory in east from this battle ..south suffered heavy losses but north reatreted
Why was the battle of New Orleans a heavy loss to the south
New Orleans was the last major city the south controlled,,, withought it it would eventually cut the south in two
Why did Lincoln issue the E.P then around those events?
lincoln wanted to wait untill their was a moment of streaght for the north in hopes it would weaken the south gradually. (Battle of Aniteam was won by north)
What did the E.P do and not do?
It allowed blacks to fight in the war( and in anger man fought for the union) and freed all slaves from slave states. It did not free many slaves.
what were the results from the E.p
Union soldiers were happy, abolitionists were thrilled but thought lincoln should have gone further, Norther feared war would go on longer, south angered cause wiped out jobs and A.A fought for union. It gradually weakend the south
What was the 54th mass regiment
a group of A.A regiments who refused payment.... amoung were 2 of Frederrick Douglas sons... most famous regiment in civil war... In july 1863 attacked fort wagner showed great bravery which inspired alot of A.A enlistments. The 54 mas.. were in more danger b/c if captured were just shot instead of taken prisoner