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To decide a high official should be to put on trial.
to impeach
the responsibility for holding the trial is who?
the number of representatives a state gets depends on?
the number of people
define the elastic clause.
Allows the congress to bend or stretch laws to enforce laws already made.
Congress can do all except: A) declcare war B) coin money C) pass export taxes D) regulate trade.
C) Pass export facto laws.
The responsibility for impeaching i with...?
states are forbidden all except A) sign treaties B) coin money C) provide an education D) pass bill of attainder
C) Provide an education
How can congress override a president's veto?
they take a vote and if 2/3 of the congress pass it they can override it.
what is a law called that punishes a person for doing something that was legal when they did it?
expost facto law
who picks the president if no candidate gets a majority?
The house picks.
who impeaches a government high offical?
The house
how many senators are there?
100 senators
Congress can do all except A) regulate trade B) declare war C) coin money D) pass export facto laws.
D) Pass expost facto laws
how can congress override a president's veto?
They take a vote and if 2/3 of the congress pass it they can override it.
what is the senators term length?
6 years
Who picks a president if no candidate wins a majority of votes.
The house
who holds the trial of an impeached official.
The Senate.
how many representatives are there?
How many senators are elected every 2 years?
1/3 of the senators
who confirms treaties?
The Senate.
who is the leader of the senate?
Vice President.
define the elastic clause
Congress can bend laws tio enforce ones already made.
how do wwe determine how many representatives a state gets?
By population
what is a representatives term length?
2 years
who is the leader of the house?
Speaker of the house.
how do we determine how many senators a state gets?
each state gets an equal number.
how many representatives are elected every 2 years?
all of the representatives go up for election.
how many terms can a senator run for?
There is no limit.
who must start all revenue bills?
The house
who confirms ambassadors, federal judges, and cabinet members appointed by the president?
The senate.