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Which 3 forts didn't the French and Indians capture?
Detroit, Niagra and Fort Pitt
What was New France?
Land claimed by the French...Quebec
What did Jacques Marquette settle?
St. Ignace
Why were furs important to the Europeans?
They wanted the furs to make into hats and coats. Fur was rare in Europe
What is a Colony?
A place that is ruled by another country
What did a Voyageur do?
They transported the furs to Quebec where they were shipped across the ocean to France.
What did the French give to the indians for their furs?
Ribbons , Cloth, beads and guns
What is an Expedition?
A journey made for a special reason
What was the Proclamation of 1763?
A promise to the indians by the British. It gave all of the land west of the Applachian Mts. to the indians only. Michigan too.
What did explorer Robert La Salle build?
He built the first Fort in the Lowere Peninsula...Fort Miami
Who was Samuel de Champlain?
Founder of New France
Why did the French build a fort near Lake Erie?
They wanted to keep out the British people. They didn't want the British to trade with the indians.
What was the Northwest Passage?
A direct water route from North America to Asia
Why did people hope the Northwest Passage existed?
To get to Asia faster for trading. IT DID NOT EXIST!!
Who was Chief Pontiac?
An Ottawa indian who fought the British.He helped capture all but three forts for the French.
Who was Antoine de la Cadillac?
Commander who helped build Fort Pontchartrain near Detroit for the French.
What is a treaty?
An agreement between two countries
Why did the French and Indian war begin?
The British were greedy and attacked Fort Duquesne led by George Washington. The British defeated the French and indians.
What are Missionaries?
A person who teaches his religion to other people.
Who was Jean Nicolet?
French explorer looking for the Northwest Passage.
Why was the game of Baggataway important to Fort Michilimackinac?
The indians tricked the British and took back their fort.
Who was Etienne Brule?
The first European to reach Michigan