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Between 1881 and 1862 what happened to America?
Exploration, territorial expansion, and settlement
What did Jefferson purchase from France?
Louisiana Purchase
What did the louisiana purchase do to the size of America?
Doubled it
Who explored the Louisianna purchase?
Lewis and Clark
Where did the Louisanna purchase extend?
From Mississippi river to Pacific ocean
What did Spain give to America?
Florida through a treaty
When was Teaxs added?
After it became an Independent Republic
What was divided between the U.S. and Great Britain?
Oregon Territory
What did we get from the war with Mexico?
California and the Southwest territory
What 2 things influenced westward migration?
Geography and economic opportunity
What were reasons for westward migration?
1. growth in eastern states (too crowded)
2. Cheap fertile land (farming)
3. Gold rush
4. logging
5. freedom for slaves
6. cheaper and faster transportation
7. knowledge of overland trails
8. manifest destiny
What was a famous canal?
Erie Canal
What form of transportation went through the canals?
What were some examples of overland trails?
Oregon and Santa Fe
What does "Manifest Destiny" mean?
Idea that expansion was good for the country and the right of the country
Before the Civil war where was most of the industry?
In the North
What did the equipement in the north impact?
Farming society in the south
Who invented the cotton gin?
Eli Whitney
How did the cotton gin affect the south?
1. Increased production of cotton
2. Need for more slave to cultivate and pick the cotton
Who invented the reaper?
Jo Anderson and Cyrus McCormick
How did the reaper change farming?
Increased productivity
Who invented the steamboat?
Robert Fulton
What did steamboats provide?
Faster river transport
What did the steamboat connect?
Southern plantations and farms to Northern Industries
What did the steam locomotive provide?
Faster land transport
What did the abolitionists want?
To end slavery
What did suffrage work towards?
women gaining equal rights
What did abolitionits believe about slavery?
1. morally wrong
2. cruel and inhuman
3. violation of prinicples of democracy
Who were some famous abolitionists?
Harriet Tubman
William Lloyd Garrison
Frederick Douglass
What did suffrage supporters declare?
"All men and women are created equal"
What rights were not given to women?
1. right to vote
2. equal opportunities in education and business
3. limited right to own property
When did the suffrage movement start and end?
Before the civil war and after it ended
Who were famous supporters of suffrage?
Isable Sojourner Truth
Susan B. Anthony
Elizabeth Cady Stanton