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treeless plain
patrilean faimly groups
west ottomans
ruler of ottoman empire
Grand vizer
prime minister
decided matters of law
janissary corps
self ruling groups
fixed payment
Genhis khan
mongol empire, first great khan, made new writen language, and organized military.
ogadei khan
genghises son, mongol empire, great khan, send soildgers to conqure the rest of south russia, occupied U.S.S.R. Empire
kublai Khan
Gengishises grandson, great khan , reached golden Age, extended borders, internal and forien trade flurised, established new postal system
ottoman empire, his followers were gazis, created core of ottoman empire.
selims son, reached height under his reighn, streched empire, was know as suleman The Magnificant, law giver mad elaws more fair, under took a masive building program, ottoman empire
Related to timur on fathers side and genghis on mothers side founder of mughal empire, wise kind leader, mughal empire
Mughal empire, expanded empire,started, ruling at age 13, one meal a day, integration to hindus to the empire
Shan Jahan
mughal empire,largest mugal pender and builder
Geography of mongolia
steppes biterly cold winters and burnig hot summers
MOngol army was so powerful becuase
the mongol army was so powerful becuse -they could use wepons without holding on to the horses horse were strongbows arrows ax rope sword
Why did the mongol empire decline?
no longer fercie warriors
What were the laws in the ottoman empire based on?
the laws were based on the koran
What religion were the ottomans? How were non muslims treated?
They were muslims and non-muslims were treated non muslims were treated badly.
Ottoman empire decination.
land decreased, and Jannisaryies became too powerful.
where was the mughal empire located wy is the location important?
They were located inThey lived in India becuase of the famous persion Abu Kasim Mansur.
Who built Taj Mahlal Why was it built?
Mumtaz Muhlal built it and it was built because becuase of the death of his wife.
Why did the mughal empire decline?
becaus ethere policy changed and because of invadors.