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Who landed on the shores of Brazil after being blown off course? Who was commmissioned by Spain to make a voyage completely around the world?
Pedro Alvarez Cabral,
Ferdinand Magellan
Who was the first recorded white child born in Noth America? Who explored what is now Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas?
Snorri Karlsefnisson,
Captain-General Pizzaro
Who discovered and explored the St. Lawrence River until stopped by rapids? Who called the Pacific Ocean the south sea?
Jacques Cartier,
Nunez de Balboa
Who discovered America in 1492?
Who conquered the Inca Empire through greed and deciet?
Christopher Columbus,
Captain-General Pizzaro
Who was the Aztec emperor when Captan-General Cortez arrived at Tenochtitlan? Who discovered the Mississippi River?
Montezuma II,
Hernando de Soto
Who were the two men who explored the Mississippi River area in 1673? Who gave portugal claim to the Americas?
Jacques Marquette, Louis Joliet,
Joao Vas Corte-Real
Who discovered Florida while searching for a fountain of youth? Who discovered and named the huge Louisiana territory?
Juan Ponce de Leon,
Sieur de la Salle
Who was the first European to known to explore part of South America? Who was the Inca ruler captured by Spanish on November 15, 1531?
Amerigo Vespucci,
Who appointed a civil governor-general and six priests to administrate colony of brazil?
King John II
According to the time line in the PACE, the indians began migrating to America shortly after the _________.
In 1494, the Pope drew up a treaty establishing the
line of _____________.