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Elisha Otis
1852 Passenger Elevation brake.
Henry Bessemer
1856 Perfected Bessemer process.
Gorden Mckay
1860 Machine for sewing shoe soles onto uppers.
George Pullman
1864 Sleeping Car/ Double Decker Train
Thaddeus Lowe
1865 Compression Ice Machine
George Westinghouse
1868 Air brake
Elijah McCoy
1872 Automatic Engine Oiling Machine
Andrew S. Hallidie
1873 Cable street car
Stephan Dudley Field
1874 Electric Streetcar
Alexander Ghram Bell
1876 Telephone
Thomas Alva Edison
1877 Phonograph and 1879 First practical incandesent Light bulb
Anna Baldwin
1878 Milking Machine
James Ritty
1879 Cash Register
Jan E. Matzeliger
1883 Shoemaking Machine
Lewis E. Watermen
1884 Fountain pen
Granville T. Woods
1887 Automatic Air Brake
Charles and J. Frank Dvryed
1893 Gasoline Powered Car
King C. Gillette
1895 Safety razor with throwaway blades
John Thurman
1899 Moter Driven Vacuum Cleaner
Leo H. Baekeland
1909 Plastic