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rise and fall of ocean level
water from ocean that extends into the land
a very large inlet
Gulf of Mexico
largest gulf bordering the U.S.
Bay or Sound
inlet that is smaller than a gulf
Great Lakes
large freshwater lakes in the northern U.S. along the Canadian border
Names of Great Lakes
Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Superior
Great Salt Lake
large salty lake in western U.S. (Utah)
large moving currents of fresh water which flow to the oceans
small rivers or streams that flow into a larger river
Mississippi River
largest river system in the U.S.
Continental Divide
an imaginary line running north and south along the highest points of the Rocky Mountains. It divides the major river systems on the U.S. into those that flow to the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico from the rivers that flow to the Pacific Ocean