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What viking landed in L'Anse Aux Mcadows New Foundland and what year?
Leif Ericson in 1001 A.D.
Asians may have continued across what?
The Bering Strait
Seafarers where from where?
Columbus reached the Canary Islands and sighted land on what date?
October 12, 1492
Columbus came ashore on what and returned to Spain after three months?
San Salvador
Columbus died when?
Spain wanted what?
gold and spices that they thought Asia had and everything else they thought Asia had that they didn't
People opened the Americas to European civilization and what happened?
1. Tragic results for Native Americans( 90% died of diseases)
2. Turning point in history
3. Accelerated the rise of Spanish Power in Europe
Balbad crosses isthumus of what and discoveres the Pacific Ocean?
Who circumnavigates the world?
Magellan had how many ships and how many men?
five ships and 250 men
Magellan killed what tribe?
The Philippines
Magellan sailed:
Victory of Juan Sebastian de Elano
Columbian Exchange:
global exchange of goods and services
Who was a a famous Aztec leader?
Moctezuma believed Corte'z was a what?
a god
Cortez worked to win support of other who Native American resisted what rule?
Cortez makes who a prisoner?
Cortez returns with allies, caputre city, kills Moctezuma and does what to the capital of the Aztec city?
Destroys the capital city, Technotitlan
Pizarro sailed down what with how many men?
He sailed down the Pacific Coast with 200 men
Hernado Disoto and Pizarro captured what Inca emperor amid did what?
They both captured Atahualpa and killed 4,000 wanted him to fill room with pure gold two times then killed him.
By what date did Pizarro and his men control the Incan Empire?
What were the reasons for Spanish victoires?
1. highly trained soldiers
2. frightened by spanish horses
3. Native Americans were hesitant to fight
4. Internal problems weakend N.A
5. dieses killed native americans