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What was St. Augustine?
The first European permanent settlement in the U.S.
The Spanish Government built roads linking Spanish missions to ____________.
near by presidios.
Which French explorers were convinced that they had found La Salle's river?
Iberville and Bienville.
I and B
Which colony was not founded for religious reasons?____________
Which area in North America was made a proprietary colony by the king of France?____________.
Ella and Louise.
The town of Strawberry Banke, later to become the colony of New Hampsire, was started as _________________.
Cut and ship lumber.
lumber Jack
Decisions about the government in many New England towns were made by___________.
Citizens at town meetings.
tax payers
What is a broker?
A person who is paid to buy and sell crops for someone else.
buy and sell
What is a presidio?
A military fort built for the protection of settlers in the Spanish bordelands.
soldiers house
what is the Militia?
A towns volunteer army.
here is your helmet and gun
What is an indentered servant?
A person who agrees to work for another person without pay for a certain length of time.
you know this one. no hint
What is a mission?
A Spanish Catholic religious community.
What is an auction?
A public sale where slaves were bought and sold.
start the bidding for this man at $$$$.
What is a debtor?
A person that had been in prison for owing money.
better pay your bills
What is a fall line?
A place where the land drops sharply, causing the rivers to form waterfalls.
mom pointed to them at yosemite.