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What 4 counries are known as the Maghreb countries?
Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco
Maghreb means west or the direction of the setting sun.
Waht desert covers most of the Maghreb?
The Sahara Desert
What is located in the norrow coastal strips of this region?
Cities and Farmlands.
Where are these strips located?
Along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts and between the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains
There are 2 places
Libya is almost all what?
Libya is the most________ country in the region.
More than waht percent of how many people live in cities in Libya?
85% of 5 million people
What are the teo largest cities and whidh one is its capital?
Benghazi and Tripoli. Tripoli is its capital.
What is Algeris's capital?
What is teh definition of Casbahs?
Winding alleyways and tall walls in the center of a city
what is now found in the Casbahs in Algiers?
Souks or marketplaces
What are Morocco's 2 largest cities?
Casablanca and Rabat
Tangier overlooks what straight?
The Straight of Gibraltar
What city in Algeria was once a Spanish territory?
In Tangier you can take a ferry ride to a what along the Straight of Gibraltar.
To a free port.