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ellis island
in New York harbor where many immigrants came
Angel Island
in San Francisco bay where many asians came to the us
melting pot
a mixing of peoople of different cultures adn races who blended together by abandoning their native languages and customs
overt favortism toward native-born Americans
Chinese Exclusion Act
act banned entry to all Cihnesse except students, teachers, merchants, tourists and government officials.
gentlemen's agreement
Japan's government agreed to limit emigration of unskilled workers to the Us in exchange for the repeal of the San francisco segregation order.
growth of cities
Americanization movement
designed to assimilate people of wide-ranging culturres into the dominant culture.
multifamily urban dwelloings ---were overcrowded and unsanitary
mass transit
transportation systems designed to move large numbers of poeple along fixed routes, enabled workers to go to and from jobs more easily.
Social Gospel movement
preached salvation through servifce to the poor
settlement houses
community centers in slum neighborhoods that provided assistance to people in the area especially imigrants.
Jane Adams
most influentiall members ot the settlement homes movement
political machines
an organizedd goup that controlled the avticities of a political party in a city
the illegal use of political influence for personal gain
Boss Tweed
NYC;s powerful Democratic political machine
giving of government jobs to people who had helped a candidate get elected
civil service
government administration should go to the most qualified persons
Rutherford B. Hayes
elected in 1876, couldn't convince congress to support reform
James A. Garfield
Ohio congressman
Chewster A. Arthur
Republicans nominated him for vice-president
Pendleton Civil service Act
authorized a bipartosan civil service commission to make appointments to federal jobs through a merit system based on a candidates performance on an examination
Grover Cleveland
democratic's first win for presiden in 28 years --tried to lower triff rates
Benjamin Harrison
grandson of William Harrison-----campaigned financed by large contributions from companies that wanted tariffs even higher then they were.