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Ferdinand Magellan
led an expedition that sailed around the world
Spanish soldiers who conquered Native Americans for gold and fame
1099-1291 attempt by Europeans to conquer the Holy Land
Indian who showed the Pilgrims how to survive in New England
coureurs de bois
French fur trappers who adopted Native American ways
describe feudalism
powerful lords (who owe allegiance to a king) rule the people (serfs) living on their land
why did rain make navigation difficult for sailors?
could not see the North Star for latitude or shadow on sundial for longitude
what was the instrument that was used to measure the position of the North Star above the horizon?
What is Vasco de Gama most known for?
reached Asia (for Portugal) by sailing east around Southern tip of Africa
How did Christopher Columbus attempt to reach Asia?
sailed west (from Spain) across the Atlantic Ocean
What were some goals of the Spanish during the 1500's?
-gain gold and wealth
-set up colonies in North and South America
-convert Native Americans to Christianity
What were some results of Columbus' voyage?
-Native Americans lost their land and lives
-other Europeans began to colonize North America
What was the House of Burgesses?
-1st representative government in the English colonies
-21 or over
-property owners
Summarize "Europeans Reach the Americas"
Europeans began exploring the world in search of sea routes to Asia to trade for spices they were exposed to during the Crusades. Columbus accidently discovered North America while sailing west across the Atlantic Ocean. The Spanish, French, English, and Dutch led the way in colonizing the New World.