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different beliefs and customs
objects made by or worked on by humans; stone tools; clay pots, arrow heads
long dry spell
form of writing that uses pictures or symbols
study of ancient cultures
Northwest Coast Indian ceremony to show off wealth
describe food, clothing and shelter for the people of the West
hunted small animals, gathered nuts and seeds; animal skins, wickiups, made of sticks and mud- very small
describe the culture of the people of the Northwest Coast
plentiful resorces in the thick forests; permanent villages with wooden structures; mostly hunters and fishermen; potlatch ceremony
describe food, clothing and shelter for the people of the Great Plains
buffalo provided food, clothing and shelter
describe food, clothing and shelter for the Inuits of the Arctic
used meat of animals they hunted for food- skins for clothing; igloos made of ice and snow used for temporary shelters
Which Native American empire carved terraces in teh Andes Mountains to farm?
Inca- potatoes (chuno); 19,000 miles of roads to connect their vast empire
Why were the conquered peoples unhappy under Aztec rule?
used prisoners of war as human sacrifices; planted corn on floating gardens in Texcoco
What was the role of the king and queen in the Maya civilization?
performed rituals involving blood sacrifices to bring good harvests (corn), rainfall, victory in battle
Summarize "The First Americans" Unit
The First Americans migrated to North America 20,000 to 50,000 years ago during the last Ice Age. Over thousands of years they spread throughout North America and South America developing unique cultures as they adapted to different environments